BBQ & Hog Roasts

Want to impress your guests with a succulent hog roast that’s carved and served straight from the pig? Or a delicious BBQ, cooked and produced in front of your eyes? Whether you are catering for family and friends in your back garden; at a venue in Gloucestershire, or for a corporate event at work, Hey Pesto can provide you with the tools and expertise to WOW your guests. We can even cater for vegetarian or vegan menus and other dietary requirements.

Fresh Hot & Straight From The Pig

Our hog roasts arrive fully cooked, complete with head and feet (but these can be removed if required). This allows us to serve meat fresh, hot and straight from the pig for your guests. The hog roasts are cooked in a local bakery, which ensures its tenderness, freshness and amazing crackling. We can either serve the hog informally, in baps with apple sauce, stuffing and amazing cracking, or more formallsymonbbqy with a choice of salads and sides to accompany.

Set Up, Cook & Serve

Nothing is more social than a tasty sizzling BBQ. Hey Pesto will bring everything to your home, venue or workplace, including fresh and tasty ingredients to impress your guests. We will set up, cook, then serve the food to your guests. We use good quality, disposable plates and cutlery and clear away, once your guests are fed and happy. We will bring the tongs and apron so you can concentrate on having a great time with friends, family or work colleagues.

As far as menu choices are concerned, we have a variety of meats available, which can be served plain or with a sprinkle of herbs and spices and always cooked to perfection. From more informal choices, such as lamb and coriander burgers and Gloucester old Spot sausages, to more formal options such as chargrilled rump steaks, tasty kebabs and salads we really do have something for everyone

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